Left-Wing Racists Have Restored Segregation

Left-Wing Racists Have Restored Segregation

The writer and secularist Tarek Fatah was interviewed by Ezra Levant on a Canadian current affairs programme last year . They were discussing the behaviour of the leader of the Liberal Party in that country, Justin Trudeau. Trudeau had been criticised by some for attending an event hosted by the Islamic Society of North America; a sharia-advocating Islamist group. He had just previously attended a gay pride parade.

Levant was (like many of us) confused as to how someone who openly supported gay rights on Monday, could hang out with groups who may seek to execute gays on Tuesday.

Fatah gave this most superb response.

Unite Against Fascism, Hope Not Hate, the Socialist Workers Party, Stop the War Coalition, Ken Livingstone and all the rest of you who are all but silent on violent and brutal misogyny and homophobia from Islamists, while condemning it from everyone else, this one is just for you:

This is orientalism, which Edward Said talked about. These are white folks who really don’t think that Muslims are human beings. Maybe in 5,000 years, we will develop to be in that state. Right now, we are some underclass who need to be pandered to. We can make mistakes and they will tolerate us and reach out to us under the diversity agenda. It is the racism of lower expectations. When a white man goes to a racial minority and says “I understand that you are bigoted against gays, you will in the next 1,000 years understand, but until then I will treat you like I treat my serfs”.

Thank you Mr Fatah – well said sir.

Justin Trudeau is yet another in a long line of leftists and liberals whose racism of lower expectations has restored segregation in to western society, and made it increasingly dangerous for women and gay people.

Left-wing racists have encouraged cultural misogyny and the impact is being widely felt – our state institutions are more concerned with being culturally and religiously sensitive than they are with defending the basic civil rights of their female citizens. Sharia tribunals are condoned and defended by many people on the left despite the fact that they blame women for the violence they face , deem marital rape “impossible” , and treat the word of a woman as next to worthless .

But a parallel sharia legal system is not the only development that should cause us to worry; misogyny has now entered the mainstream in British courts with some people escaping punishment, ostensibly because of their religion, while the democratic principle of one law for all is buried deep in an accommodationist swamp.

Take for example the case of Adil Rashid – an 18 year old Muslim man from Birmingham who was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl but escaped a custodial sentence because he was deemed “sexually naïve” and had told psychologists that he believed women to be no more worthy “than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground”. He claimed he had been taught this of women at the Islamic school he attended .

(I noted a deafening silence, as usual, from most left-wing “feminists” on this occasion).

Other incidents of concern include the case of four Muslim women who escaped a jail term despite launching a vicious and violent attack on a young care worker in Leicester. Although they called their victim “a white slag” while kicking her in the head, the crime was not treated as racially motivated and the women were handed suspended sentences because they had been drinking – apparently, they were not used to drinking because their religion doesn’t allow it .

There are also the small matters of the dispensing of judicial norms by allowing a female Muslim defendant to wear a full face covering in court , the separate entrances and seating for men and women at leading UK university events , and the arrest of people for causing offence to Islamic sensibilities while a blind eye is turned to signs reading “butcher those who insult Islam” .

It is clear that in some cases, there is one set of rules for our Muslim citizens and yet another for everyone else. It is also clear how this situation was created; a multicultural separateness which has been promoted and maintained primarily by the political left.

What perhaps is not so clear however is the motive of the left in pursuing this segregation. Here is my opinion – this division is defended because most Muslims are not white and as such enjoy a patronising and racist victim status which allows them to be held to lower standards of behaviour. The message is simply this: “we do not expect you to be as civilised as we are”.

Leftists and liberals are often quick to condemn white Christian evangelicals or fundamentalists (especially American ones), even when their misogyny or homophobia presents less of a direct threat to the safety of women or homosexuals. This blind eye to misogyny and homophobia is not limited to Muslims either. Black evangelical Christians, who openly practice exorcism on perceived homosexuals in the UK , also largely escape condemnation from those on the liberal left. I can therefore only conclude that this is also an issue of race, and not just religion.

We recently celebrated the anniversary of the inspirational speech delivered by the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King in Washington in 1963. Dr King famously declared “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But thanks to the relentless pursuance of separate standards for separate groups, Dr King’s dream remains just that.

The society that King sought to defeat was one where black Americans were educated separately from whites, lived separately, and were segregated in institutions such as hospitals and prisons. In Europe, thanks largely to the left-supported concept of multiculturalism, races and religious groups again live separately in ghettoised communities, Islamic madrassas teach children to separate themselves from non-Muslims , and Muslims are increasingly governed – particularly in family matters – by a network of sharia tribunals which operate outside of the laws of the mainstream, overwhelmingly white, secular majority. In the UK, a disturbing segregation of Muslim prisoners is also developing .

As Tarek Fatah has pointed out, the danger of left-wing racism is that it has successfully disguised itself in progressive terminology by using words such as “diversity” and “outreach”. Furthermore, those who object to separate treatment for distinct groups are themselves labelled racists by many on the left.

In effect, equality is the new racism and those who call for an equal application of the law are the new bigots.

The dangerous and violent totalitarian ideology of Islamism is growing all over the world, and Europe is no exception. The very people who should be opposing the beliefs at the core of this ideology – such as female subjugation, oppression of homosexuals, and the murder of those who dissent – are the people who are often the most vociferous in their defence. There are several elements to this dichotomy but race is chief among them.

A twisted vision of imperialism is also popular; this transforms Islamic imperialism in to a counter-imperialism which is encouraged as a method of defeating a perceived American hegemony.

Whatever conclusion as to motive you accept, the simple fact is that racial and religious segregation are a reality in 21st century western democracies. The defence and expansion of this segregation is encouraged and maintained by the political left and so-called equality campaigners. Words like equality have been redefined so that they now represent inequality, lower standards of living, and unequal access to rights and protections.

Martin Luther King must be turning in his grave, much like Emmeline Pankhurst is turning in hers.

(From Dispatch International – http://www.d-intl.com/2013/09/15/left-wing-racists-have-restored-segregation/?lang=en)

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