Foi Request To West Midlands Police

Foi Request To West Midlands Police

Freedom of Information Request sent to West Midlands Police, February 28th 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having read some of the tweets posted by West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) recently, I would be grateful if you could respond to the following questions as required under the Freedom of Information Act.

In a tweet posted by WMP on February 26th, the following is stated:

“Since 2015 its been mandatory for midwives in England and Wales to report ‘known’ FGM cases to police (for under 18s)”

Please answer the following:

1) How many reports of FGM has WMP received from midwives since 2015?

2) What exactly is the procedure if and when such reports are made? Please explain this in detail. How do WMP follow up on these? Who is responsible for communicating this information to midwives in the West Midlands? Could you please supply a copy of what information midwives receive in this regard and from whom?

3) Regarding the procedure referred to in question 2, who decides (has decided) upon this procedure? Is this Government or WMP policy?

4) How many prosecutions for the crime of FGM have such reports resulted in?

5) If there have been no prosecutions as a result of these reports, can you explain in detail what the difficulties are in securing charges and/or convictions?

Please send replies to this email address.

Thank you and best wishes,

Anne Marie Waters

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