Anne Marie Waters
Anne Marie Waters


July  2014 / 25 No Comments

The London School of Economics and Islamophobia


Sharia threatens all women – Muslim and non-Muslim


The Price Paid for criticising Islam


Culture and the Crime

Huffington Post


Islamic extremism on campus – is the tide turning?


Opposing sharia law is a defence of the rights of Muslims


Sharia law: extremism the Government ignores



Christian leaders are not all compassionate on homosexuality 



The sad reality of female misogyny 



Dispatch International


White-washing Hamas and the demonisation of Israel


Sharia Law riding High in Britain


Open Letter to Ed Miliband


Left wing racists have restored segregation


British laws against FGM are pointless


Stoning to death is now moderate in the UK


Benefits Britain


Blasphemy returns to Britain


How ‘moderate’ are the Ahmadiyya?


British Islamists drive out non-Muslim teachers

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